Parish Prayer List

Reverend Dan Brown                                        Bob Brown

Friar Frank Lawler                                             Annette Morris

John Barbare                                                    Phyllis Kirkland

Ray Fulmer                                                       Lloyd Hedlund

Patience Iwuji                                                   Donna Lariscey

Jeff Enkey                                                        Carla Ritchie

Mark Watkins                                                    Ginger Hackett

Rick & Laurie Green                                           Bill Bargeloh

Karen Moose

Brett Cooper (friend of Billy Hane) 

Andy Fehl (Joyce H’s brother)

Ben Jacobson (Joyce H’s friend)

Jeanette Reese (Martha P’s sister)

Julia Stout (Monique’s friend)

Leila Roose (Joyce H’s friend)

Robert Patterson (Mary’s Husband)

Suzann Tumlinson (Annette M’s daughter)

Margeurite Prescott (surgery recovery) 

Warren Allen (Jennifer P’s father)


Barbara Howle                                  

Bertie Smith

Bob & Sue James                             

Betty Croy 


Our condolences to: 

Marylin Poston’s family as they grieve the loss of their mother and grandmother 

Twyla Tuten as she grieves the loss of her father, Lee Tuten

Cindy Carter’s family as they grieve her loss

Larry Pettinato as he grieves the loss of his wife, Martha Pettinato 

May light perpetual shine upon them and may they rest in peace.

Pray also for . . .

The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA)

Trinity Seminary, Ambridge, PA

Our sister church, All Saints Church, 

Pawleys Island, SC; Rector: The Rev’d Rob Grafe


Prayers for worldwide evangelization . . .

Fr. Johann & Louise van der Bijl, SAMS, 

Southern Africa 

Mothers’ Union, Gambela, Ethiopia

St. Frumentus Theological College, Gambela, Ethiopia

Christ Church, Jerusalem

If we missed your birthday or anniversary, please let us know!

Birthdays- 1/19-Larry Pettinato; 1/22-Mary Patterson


SAMS: Society of Anglican Missionaries & Senders: