Parish Prayer List

  • The Right Rev. Steve Woods               Dee Duckett       

  • The Rev. Theophilus Iwuji                    Ray Fulmer

  • Friar Frank Lawler                                 Bob Brown

  • Suzann Tumlinson (Annette M’s daughter)     Betty Croy

  • Raphael Al hamed (Yeraldin G’s uncle)       Bertie Smith

  • Sharon Franco (Ginger H’s daughter)           John Barbare

  • Robert Patterson (Mary’s Husband)           Myrle Wilson

  • Susan Johnston (Jennifer C’s sister)            Virginia Folk 

  • Garrett Dorn (Deployed to Kuwait)              Patience Iwuj

  • Tom Dorn, Sr. (Tom D’s father)               Grayson Cadle

  • Julia Stout (Monique T’s friend)                Audra Mitchell                        

  • Leila Roose (Joyce’s friend)                         Fr. Dan Brown

  • Andy Fehl (Joyce’s brother)                    Ginger Hackett

  • Ed & Marylin Poston                        Lloyd Hedlund                            

  • Marguerite Prescott                       Phyllis Kirkland                          

  • Louise Van der Bijl                         Martha Pettinato                 

  • Evelyn Watkins (Julie Roberts & Mark Watkins mother)

  • Louis & Mona Pazdalski (Family reunification & recovery from ankle surgery for Mona)                     

  • Friar Frank Lawler requests prayers for: Jeff Enkey, Jerry Young, Joe Brice, and Peggy Jordan

  • Carolyn Carter & Family          

  • Bill Means & Family

  • Repose of the Soul of Sonja Means


5/28-Derek Lariscey


5/24-CC & Banic Beasley; 5/28-Michael & Jennifer Patterson

Pray also for. . .

  • The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA)

  • Trinity Seminary, Ambridge, PA

  • Our sister church:Cathedral Church of the Apostles, Columbia, SC; Dean: The Very Rev'd Chip Edgar

Prayers for worldwide evangelization . . .

Patrick & Sue Schmidt and their work with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Fr. Johann & Louise Van der Bijl, SAMS,

Southern Africa

Mothers’ Union, Gambela, Ethiopia

St. Frumentus Theological College, Gambela, Ethiopia

Christ Church, Jerusalem


AFRICA: Madagascar

Join Jacky Lowe in prayer for poverty in the world, especially Madagascar, and that those who are blessed will share their abundance with the poor. Pray with Todd & Patsy McGregor for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Diocese of Toliara and its leaders, including all clergy, evangelists, catechists, student evangelists and the discipleship ministry. Pray that in Christ they would live the principles of Micah 6:8.