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Rev. Dan Brown, Bill Bargeloh, Bill Martin, Carla Ritchie, Friar Frank Lawler, Greg Rowland, Marguerite Prescott, Myrle Wilson, Patience Iwuji, Phyllis Kirkland, Virginia Folk, Rick and Laurie Green, Zach Rowland.


Friends and Relatives of the Parish

Donna Lariscey, Barney Lamar, Bob Brown, Jeff Enkey, Ray Fulmer, John Barbare, Andy Fehl, Jeanette Reese, Julia Stout, Leila Roose, Robert Patterson, Sarah Dees, Susann Tomlinson, Virginia Kirby.



Barbara Howle, Bertie Smith, Betty Croy, Bob and Sue James, Ginger Hackett.


Here at Home

The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA)

Trinity Seminary, Ambridge, PA

Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity, North Augusta, SC; Father Ross Guthrie, Father Theo Iwuji, Father Joe Perry, and Father Rob Hartley


Around the World

Fr. Johann and Louise van der Bijl, SAMS, in the Netherlands

Christ Church, Jerusalem


At Holy Trinity

Establish Mission Fund



September Birthdays: 

9/2-Wayne Lowe; 9/5-The Rev. Dr. Johann van der Bijl; 

9/9-Zach Montgomery; 9/13-Leslie Wells; 9/17-Mary Wooten; 9/20-Susan Penberthy; 9/22-Angela Esquivel; 9/25-Brenda Bargeloh; 9/29-Monique Taylor


September Anniversaries: 

9/5 - The Rev. Rob & Nancy Hartley; 9/19 - Hammond & Marguerite Prescott


Let us know if we missed your birthday or your anniversary!

SAMS: Society of Anglican Missionaries & Senders:

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