Parish Prayer List

  • The Right Rev. Steve Wood           Fr. Dan Brown

  • Louise Van der Bijl                              Bob Brown

  • John Barbare                                 Martha Pettinato

  • Dew & Lilly Enkey                             Amber Rich

  • Rick (rehab) & Laurie Green               Patience Iwuj

  • Ed & Marylin Poston                     Annette Morris

  • Dee Duckett                                    Lloyd Hedlund

  • Betty Croy                                      Ginger Hackett

  • Virginia Folk                                Phyllis Kirkland

  • Evelyn Watkins (Julie’s mom)                Ray Fulmer

  • Andy Fehl (Joyce H’s brother)               Wayne Lowe

  • Leila Roose (Joyce H’s friend)

  • Sharon Franco (Ginger H’s daughter)

  • Suzann Tumlinson (Annette M’s daughter)

  • Hammond (surgery) & Marguerite Prescott

  • Nancy Hartley (knee surgery recovery)

  • Linley Montgomery (surgery recovery)

  • Susan Johnston (Jennifer C’s sister)

  • Jeanette Reese (Martha P’s sister)

  • Julia Stout (heart & lung issues)

  • Tom Dorn, Sr. (Tom D’s father)

  • Robert Patterson (Mary’s Husband)

  • Judy Chemin (surgery recovery)

  • Doris Holmes

  • Bertie Smith (broken wrist)



11/29-The Rev. Dan Brown; 12/5-Jackie Fekula; 12/5-Theresa Sanders


If we missed yours, please let us know!

Pray also for. . .

  • The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA)

  • Trinity Seminary, Ambridge, PA

  • Our sister church: All Saints Church, Weddington, NC; Rector: The Rev’d Canon Filmore Strunk


Prayers for worldwide evangelization . . .

  • Patrick & Sue Schmidt and their work with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

  • Fr. Johann & Louise Van der Bijl, SAMS,

  • Southern Africa

  • Mothers’ Union, Gambela, Ethiopia

  • St. Frumentus Theological College, Gambela, Ethiopia

  • Christ Church, Jerusalem


SAMSSociety of Anglican Missionaries & Senders: